Wage Rates Effective June 2021





Effective June 6, 2021

Classification Wage
1.(A). Cranes, tower cranes, and derricks with or without attachments with a lifting capacity of over 100 tons or cranes, tower cranes, and derricks with boom, leads and/or jib lengths measuring 176 feet or longer, master mechanic, foreman, blaster. There will be a $0.50 increase to the hourly basic rate for cranes over 200 ton, at 300 ton it will be $1.00 per hour, at 400 ton it will be at $1.50 per hour and at 500 ton and over it will be $2.00 per hour over the basic rate. $44.27
  NOTE: The length of boom (including tower and jib length) for a tower crane shall be manufacturers rated hook height as configured plus maximum lifting radius as configured. The length of boom on a crawler or mobile crane shall be the manufacturers boom length plus jib length as configured.
1.(B). Backhoes (excavators) weighing 130,000 lbs. And over, cranes, and derricks with or without attachments with a lifting capacity of 100 tons or under or cranes, and derricks with boom, leads and/or jib lengths measuring 175 feet or under, caisson rigs, pile driver $43.02
  N OTE: Effective 06/05/06, there will be an increase of $0.25 to the basic hourly rate for all cranes with a lifting capacity of forty-five (45) ton and over.
1.(C). Backhoes (excavators) weighing under 130,000 lbs, traveling crane (bridge type), milling machine, concrete paver (over 27E), concrete spreader and distributor, concrete laser screed, concrete grinder and planing machine, slip form curb and gutter machine boring machine (directional), dredge operator, skid rigs, over 46 meter concrete pump $40.97
2. Hydraulic backhoe tractor or truck mounted, hydraulic crane (10 tons or under), tractor (over 40 h.p.), bulldozer (over 40 h.p.), end loader (over 40 h.p.), motor patrol, scraper operator, bituminous plant and paver operator, screed-milling machine, roller (over 5 tons), concrete pumps 46 meter and under and grout pumps, rotec type conveyors, hydro-blaster (10,000) psi and over, rotary drill operator, percussion drilling machine, air track drill (with or without integral hammer), boring machine (vertical or horizontal), side boom, trencher (wheel type or chain type having over 8-inch bucket), rail leveling machine (railroad), tie placer, tie extractor, tie tamper, stone leveler, straddle carrier, material hoists, stack hoist, man hoists, mechanic, welder and non-licensed off road material haulers $40.44
3. Tractor, bulldozer, end loader (under 40 h.p.) tampers-compactors (riding type), stump chipper (large), roller (rubber tire), backfiller, trencher (chain type having bucket 8-inch and under), concrete auto breaker (large), concrete finishing machines (road type), concrete batch hopper, concrete conveyor systems, concrete mixers (14S or over), pumps (screw type and gypsum), hydrohammers (small), brooms and sweeper, lift slab machine, roller (under 5 tons), industrial locomotives, fireman (pile drivers and derricks), pumps (well points), hoists (automatic), “A” frames and winch trucks, hoists (tuggers), boats (tug, safety, work barges and launch), assistant engineer $38.37
4. Shouldering machine operator, farm or industrial tractor mounted equipment, post hole digger, augers (vertical and horizontal), skid steer loader (with or without attachments), robotic tool carrier (with or without attachments), power pack vibratory/ultra sound driver and extractor, fireman (asphalt plants), screed operator, stone crushers and screening plants, air, electric, hydraulic jacks (slipform) prestress machines, air compressors refrigeration plant/freeze machine, boiler operators (temporary heat), forklifts, welding machines, generators, pumps over 3” heaters (mechanical), combination small equipment operator, winches (small electric), oiler, greaser, rotary drill helper, conveyor, elevator operator $36.84
Fringe Benefits Rate
1. Pension – See Article XVII $12.69
2. Health Benefit Fund – See Article XVII


*This amount includes $1.06 to pre-funding

3. Skill Improvement & Apprenticeship – See Article XVII $1.15
4. Vacation Fund Rate to be established
5. Administrative Dues Deduction 1.5% of Total Gross Wage and Fringe Package
6. Joint Labor Management Work Preservation Fund – See Article XVIII $0.32
7. Industry Advancement Program/Contract Administration (AGC/IAP/CA) – See Article XVI


In consideration of the payment of volume dues and other fees, AGC of Wisconsin members pay five ($.05) cents per hour to the AGC/IAP/CA Fund.

$0.10 / $0.05
8. SATAP – See Article XXIII $0.02
9. IUOE National Training Fund (NTF) $0.05