Free Health Screenings at Coloma Training Center

The Trustees of the Operating Engineers Local 139 Health Benefit Fund approved a special health screening, covered 100% by the Health Fund, for eligible members.  We understand that some people do not have a primary doctor, do not have an annual physical, or are too busy during the work season to go to their doctor.  We have a solution for you!

The Health Fund will bring a simple, confidential health screening to you at the Coloma Training Center during the training season.  The health screening will be conducted by Aurora Health Care screening staff.  The health screening will take place in a private room in the training center, last approximately 15 minutes, and give you a quick assessment of your health and advice if there is something that should be looked into further.  They can also help you find a primary doctor in Anthem’s network for the highest level of coverage.  The health screening will measure the following main indicators of a person’s health:

  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure and waist circumference
  • Full panel finger stick blood test

The quick and simple finger stick blood test will measure cholesterol, triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood), and glucose (sugar in the blood).  High levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, or glucose can be a warning sign for health problems such as heart attack, stroke, or diabetes.

The results will be confidential to you.  The Health Fund in providing this easy access health screening to let you know if you have a potential health concern and to help you get the right treat treatment for an improved quality of life.

The Health Benefit Fund will send you a letter with information on how to sign up if you are registered for a class on a date the health screenings are being held.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Pictured above is our first set of members to be screened along with the Aurora nurses and Rita Becker, our Health Fund Administrator.

From Left to Right:
Rita Becker – Health Fund Administrator
Dawn – Aurora Nurse
Dave Kobs – Local 139 Member
Mike Dawes – Local 139 Member
Josiah Schumacher – Local 139 Member
Andrea – Aurora Nurse