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Operating Engineers are among the highest paid and skilled members of the construction industry. For generations, our members have yearned to continually improve in order to work at the highest level possible.

We created the finest training center in North America when we opened The Joseph J. Goetz Training Center in Coloma in 1977. Our highly proficient members are required to complete four years and 6,000 hours of apprenticeship before they earn the label “journeyworker.”

So, How do I Become an Operating Engineer?
Current Construction Workers

One of our organizers will work with you on a confidential basis to help you achieve your goal of becoming a journeyworker. We only do things that are in strict conformance with state and federal law, but you should know that the law is aimed at protecting your rights, not taking them away. Simply contact our Organizing Department by clicking on the link below and he will help begin the process of trying to form a union for you.

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Not Currently in Construction?

If you are not currently working in the construction industry, but would like more information about what you need to do to become an Operating Engineer, there are a couple of options for you. Either contact our Director of Apprenticeship and Training, Dan Sperberg, or click on the link below.

WOE Training Center

Why Local 139?

Through aggressive growth efforts over the last 10 years, our membership has increased by over 25%. By growing as a union, we increase our bargaining strength, which increases wages and benefits. If you’re tired of working non-union and wondering how you will deal with medical issues or retirement, why not consider joining the ranks of Local 139 of the International Union of Operating Engineers? We have the best wages, the best benefits, the best training opportunities, and the best people around!

Why Organizing Matters

Many Americans receive a decent wage, health insurance, and some form of pension. They get paid for working overtime, receive unemployment when they are laid off, apply for workmen’s compensation if they get hurt on the job, and usually get some form of vacation and holiday package.

However, it wasn’t always this way. Prior to the 1930s, one could count the rights of American workers on one hand. Wages were depressed, health insurance and pensions were non-existent, and there was no such thing as overtime or unemployment insurance.

These benefits are a direct result of the American labor movement. They exist because the labor movement organized to use the might of the working class to demand a better standard of living.

Local 139 uses the power of our collective voices to make gains for all of our members. The notion that it is impossible to pay workers a good wage and benefit package to remain competitive is proven wrong time and time again by our members and signatory contractors. Over 95% of the highway work bid by the State of Wisconsin is let to union contractors!

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If you would like to learn more about our organizing efforts, or would like to help form a union in your workplace, please contact our organizing director by clicking on the link below. All contacts will be kept strictly confidential.

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