Midwest Coalition of Labor

Midwest Coalition of Labor (MCL)

Local 139 is proud to offer our members the excellent benefits of the Midwest Coalition of Labor (MCL). MCL is a non-profit coalition of unions dedicated to providing benefits to more than 225,000 union members in the construction industry. By working together to purchase benefits, MCL can achieve cost savings, allowing unions to provide these benefits to their members at either no cost or heavily discounted rates. Learn more about MCL and the benefits available.

Here are some of the new MCL benefits available to you as a dues-paying member in good standing:

Life Insurance
Non-retired members will receive $5,000 in free life insurance through VOYA, a leading insurance provider. In addition, members can purchase an additional $200,000 in coverage at extremely low prices – without medical exams or questionnaires. Members will also be able to purchase coverage for spouses and dependents. (Active members only)

Call VOYA at 888-212-7822   

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Non-retired members will receive $2,500 in free accidental death and dismemberment coverage, which provides benefits for covered accidents that result in a fatality, paralysis, the loss of a limb, eyesight, hearing, or speech. Members can also purchase up to an additional $200,000 in coverage, with no medical exams and no questions asked! (Active members only)

Call VOYA at 888-212-7822   

Legal Services
Members and your families will have access to free and flat-rate discounted legal services through Union Legal Services! This unique legal program guarantees that a retired judge or experienced lawyer will always be available to answer your legal questions and represent you in court.

Union Legal Services: 877-694-2663

Allstate Roadside Assistance and Motor Club
Members and your families will receive free membership in the Allstate Motor Club, which provides up to three towing, jump start, lockout, flat tire, and other services per year. In addition, membership in the Allstate Motor Club gives you access to discounts at hotels, automotive stores, restaurants, entertainment, and more.

Allstate Roadside Assistance: 855-256-6019
Allstate Motor Club: 
Go to https://mcl.enjoymydeals.com and use the code MCL1244 to register

Identity Recovery Protection
With coverage provided through Hartford Steam Boiler, members will be protected in the event that their identities are compromised. You’ll receive help from a professional who will work with banks, credit agencies, and other financial institutions to restore your identity and repair any damage done. In addition, you’ll be covered with up to $25,000 for legal fees, $5,000 in lost wages for the time spent recovering a stolen identity, and $1,000 for miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses.

Identity Recovery Hotline: 1-800-472-1866

Tax Preparation Services
First Responder Tax Group, visit firstrespondertaxgroup.com for more information. Call or email to schedule an appointment. (773) 899-0821 firstrespondertaxgroup@gmail.com.

Retiree Welfare Program
Retiring brings a lot of changes, but one thing that doesn’t have to change is the quality of care you receive from the network of doctors you know and trust. As a union member who participates in the MOE Health and Welfare Fund, when you retire, you can keep the insurance plan you are on for as long as you like as part of our Retiree Welfare Plan (RWP).

Coalition of Labor Credit Union
As a member, you are eligible for membership with the Coalition of Union Labor Credit Union (formerly the Midwest Operating Engineers Credit Union), which is a member-owned credit union providing mortgages, auto loans, home equity lines of credit, and various other financial services. Members also have access to more than 55,000 ATM locations worldwide without a fee, including ATM’s at CVS, Mariano’s, Target, Costco, Walgreens, and others.

Since 1997, the Local 139 Scholarship Program has awarded more than $352,500 to students of Local 139 members who want to continue their education. Scholarship applicants must be a spouse, child, or grandchild of a Local 139 member in good standing or a direct descendant of a deceased member who was in good standing. Graduate school students are ineligible.

Union Plus
Through Union Plus, union members have access to deep discounts on travel, shopping, and services across the nation. From dinner and movie tickets to rental cars and Disney World, union members save more with Union Plus. In addition, Union Plus awards scholarships to members’ children every year.


To stay updated on the latest benefits and information from the Midwest Coalition of Labor, visit their website at coalitionoflabor.org and sign up for their mailing list. You can also follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/coalitionoflabor.