Compensate After 8!

We fought hard during negotiations to make sure Local 139 members are paid overtime when they work more than eight hours in a single day.
Why is that important?
If you work a 4/10, (4 ten hour days), working a 40-hour week, you’re giving up 2 hours of overtime pay per day, or one FULL hour of pay PER DAY!  At $35 an hour that adds up to $140 in four days (4 day work week, 10 hour days). Without an 8-hour-day clause you could lose up to $7,280 in annual wages!*
Work all the overtime you want, but make sure they “Compensate After 8.”
— Terrance E. McGowan, IUOE General Vice President & President/Business Manager Local 139
* Estimates are based on working a $35 hourly wage, 10 hour days, a 4 day work week for 52 weeks. Actual losses would increase as the number number of 10-hour days or hours per day increase.


Want some Stickers and Buttons?

See your local business agent or visit your local union hall!