Local 139 Family Picnic Gun Raffle – Winners Announced!

A drawing for the raffle was held at the union’s annual picnic on Saturday, July 15. Raffle proceeds support Local 139’s political action activities.

Congratulations to the winners of the Local 139 Family Picnic Gun Raffle:

Mitchell Blaha is the winner of the .22-caliber, lever-action rifle.

Prize #1: DPMS RFA-3-REC RECON – .223-caliber rifle, with Vortex Scope – Anthony Reich

Prize #2: Henry Lever-Action – .22-caliber rifle – Mitchell Blaha

Prize #3: Ruger LC 9mm Handgun with Case – Bernie Ritchie

Prize #4: Matthews MXB320 Crossbow with Quiver & Case – Henry Lowery