Local 139 Assists with Homeless Veterans Project – Three More Tiny Homes!

Local 139 volunteers started helping out with the first handful of tiny homes in March. Tuesday Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin saw three more structures placed on concrete piers. The dwellings were designed and built by student volunteer teams at Racine Case, Horlick and Washington Park high schools. The fifteenth and final home will be built onsite later this summer.

BIG thank you to all of the volunteers and our 2 signatory contractors for the use of their equipment and trained operators. Together we brought these 3 new homes to their destination at Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin’s James A. Peterson Veterans Village in Racine. The last tiny home and mess hall will be completed later this summer.

Equipment was donated by Straightline Grading & Excavating (Marcus Chady, driver of lowboy truck), and Oakes & Sons (loader operated by Robert Preston).

You can learn more about Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin and the tiny homes project on their website: