Pay Dues Annually Now & Get 1 Month Free!

“I pay mine yearly! Much easier than paying by the month. Plus 1 month free!” – Bruce B.

Do like 139 member Bruce B does.

When members pay annually by October 31st they receive one month free.

Active 139 members: $275

Retirees retired before Nov. 1, 2013: $110

Retirees retired after Nov. 1, 2013: $165

This offer is not extended to “S” members

Payments should be sent with the regular dues payment stub (the stub attached to the member/dues card) to:

PO BOX 130, Pewaukee, WI 53072

Interested in paying with your card over the phone?  Call our Pewaukee Office:


Not sure how much to pay? Give us a call.