Sunbelt Campaign Update

On February 6, 2020, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) filed a petition in Federal Court in Milwaukee against Sunbelt, seeking preliminary and permanent injunctive relief ordering Sunbelt to recognize and bargain in good faith with Local 139 as the duly elected representatives of its Franksville employees. This is not a step the NLRB takes lightly and highlights the severity of Sunbelt’s misconduct. Click here for a copy of the NLRB’s petition. This action is the result of multiple allegations of federal law violations, known as unfair labor practice charges, which Local 139 filed against Sunbelt. A trial against Sunbelt before an Administrative law judge is currently ongoing over these alleged violations, including its refusal to bargain in good faith with Local 139; its sham “reorganization” of its Franksville location; and its layoff of its final bargaining unit employees. To stop Sunbelt from further infringing on the rights of Local 139 and the members it represents, the NLRB took action to obtain more immediate relief in the form of a Federal Court order against Sunbelt.

Local 139 will continue to handbill and banner at various times and locations to publicize Sunbelt’s unlawful conduct and appreciates your support!