Federal Court Orders Sunbelt to Stop Breaking the Law

The Federal Court in Milwaukee orders Sunbelt Rentals, Inc., to remedy multiple violations of the National Labor Relations Act. The Court’s Order requires Sunbelt to recognize Local 139 as the exclusive bargaining representative of bargaining unit employees at its Franksville facility, to bargain in good faith with Local 139, to restore the bargaining unit employees to the status quo as it was on August 5, 2019, and to post copies of the Order and read the Order at the Franksville facility. These extraordinary steps by the NLRB and the Federal Court, issued while final adjudication by the NLRB remains pending, highlights the severity of Sunbelt’s violations of the National Labor Relations Act and the likelihood of success of Local 139’s charges. Local 139 will continue publicizing Sunbelt’s illegal conduct until Sunbelt starts respecting its employees’ rights to Union representation and bargains for a fair contract for its Franksville employees.