Horizon Data Breach (Central Pension Fund)

The following notice was issued today by IUOE General President Callahan regarding the data breach which affected Central Pension Fund’s actuary, Horizon Actuarial Services. 


To all U.S. Business Managers:

I have been informed that Participants and Retirees of the Central Pension Fund may have been affected by a data security breach involving one of the Central Pension Fund’s vendors, Horizon Actuarial Services. My understanding is that it was Horizon’s systems, and not the Central Pension Fund’s systems, that experienced this data breach. However, because of the incident, certain Personal Identifiable Information of the Fund’s Participants and Retirees may have potentially been exposed, such as names, dates of birth, and social security numbers.

Your respective members may have begun receiving letters about the incident directly from Horizon. As you will note, the letter directs Participants to contact a call center staffed by Horizon’s cyber security vendor, Kroll Inc. (1-855-541-3574). It also provides instructions on how to access a 24-month identity monitoring subscription.


James T. Callahan

General President