Members Working Under Area I Master Building Agreement Exercise Strike Vote

Dear Brother/Sister:

On Friday, May 31, 2024, the Membership of Local 139, in attendance at a special called meeting, rejected the last contract offer made by the Employer Associations with respect to the Area l Master Building Agreement. Thereafter, a strike authorization vote that was taken by the membership on May 22, 2024, and passed unanimously, was honored.

Accordingly, effective June 1, 2024, and until further notice, the Membership of Local 139 is ON STRIKE against all Employers signatory to and performing work within the territorial and occupational scope of the Area I Master Building Agreement. This STRIKE applies to all job sites at which Employers governed by the Area I Master Agreement are performing work, whether a physical picket line is present at the site or not.

This STRIKE does NOT apply to any job sites governed by any National Agreement or any Project Labor Agreement. However, Local 139 expressly reserves its right to expand the STRIKE to Area I signatory Contractors working at job sites governed by any other Local 139 agreement, to the extent permitted by law. lf you should have any questions about whether the STRIKE applies to your Employer, please contact your Business Representative or Local 139’s Pewaukee headquarters.

Finally, we are asking all Local 139 members to assist in any picketing or other protected activity in which Local 139 will engage as part of its publication of this STRIKE. Please contact your Business Representative for more information on how you may participate in such protest activities. Only by our members being unified in withholding their labor from the Area I Employers will we be successful in achieving a fair successor Area I Master Building Agreement. UNITED WE BARGAIN!

Terrance E. McGowan
IUOE General Vice President

Local 139 President/Business Manager