Shame On Sunbelt Rentals

Shame on Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals wants to impose its out-of-state, anti-union views and low wages on its Wisconsin employees.

IUOE Local 139 was certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the exclusive bargaining representative for employees of Sunbelt Rentals’ Franksville, Wisconsin facility. Since that time, Sunbelt Rentals has bargained in bad faith and refused to enter into a first collective bargaining agreement for its Local 139 represented employees.

Local 139 bannering Sunbelt Rentals in the media.

In the near future, Local 139 may picket or take other lawful action at any job site where Sunbelt Rentals’ employees are working to publicize its primary labor dispute with Sunbelt Rentals.

Local 139 needs your support to bring


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Local 139 has no dispute with any other person or entity other than Sunbelt Rentals. This is not an attempt to induce anyone, nor is Local 139 asking any individual to stop working, to cease performing any services or to refuse to pick-up, deliver or transport any goods.