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Help stop bill that would repeal prevailing wage

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Help stop bill that would repeal prevailing wage

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Local 139 members eligible for discounted admission to Bierfest

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DOT announces statewide bid letting for May

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New member orientation class schedule revised

Excavators parked for the Memorial Day weekend sport American flags May 23 on Milwaukee's Zoo Interchange project. The machines are owned by Edgerton Contractors Inc. The photo was taken from the Wisconsin Avenue bridge spanning Highway 45, with the view to the north. Photo by Ken Talatzko, Local 139 retired

Help stop bill that would repeal prevailing wage
If you are at all able, members of Operating Engineers Local 139 are strongly urged to attend a meeting of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Labor scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday, May 27, in Room 411 South of the State Capitol to speak in opposition to Assembly Bill 32. The bill would repeal prevailing wage laws in Wisconsin. This issue is of fundamental importance to you, as an Operating Engine... <more>

We tap into Local 139's hiring hall and get the best people available and that's just huge.

Jon Kleist, general manager, Buteyn-Peterson Construction Co. Inc.

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