The IUOE 139 Contractor Advantage
The IUOE 139 Contractor Advantage

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Local 139

Chartered in 1902, Local 139 has over 110 years’ experience in negotiating fair wage and benefits packages for our members while providing the best qualified workforce for our signatory contractors. Our local union represents over 9,000 Operating Engineers in the State of Wisconsin.

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The Union Advantage

The Union Advantage

Hiring a well-trained, highly-skilled Local 139 member will provide you with efficiency and professionalism to get the job done. Better trained employees are proven to be safer on the job site resulting in fewer accidents. Using our referral system will save you time and money, as we maintain a bank of qualified operators who are ready to go to work.

Recently Signed Contractors

Contractor Type
American Demolition & Nuclear Decommissioning, Inc. Area II Bldg
Bougalis & Sons Construction Area II Bldg
CK Contractors, LLC AEM
Eagle Excavating & Grading, LLC SWT, AEM
Maxim Crane Works, L.P. Area II Bldg
Minnesota Utilities & Excavating Area II Bldg
Lake Effect Construction Area I & II Bldg
RJ & S Webster Trucking, LLC Hvy Hwy, Nat’l Pipeline
Recyclean Area I & II Bldg

Local 139 Apprenticeship Program

The Local 139 apprenticeship program accommodates both prospective heavy equipment operators and those with limited experience. With a total of 6000 hours of on the job training for the entry-level operator, the experience levels are broken down to four, 1500-hour pay periods allowing applicants with limited experience to be placed at a level in accordance with the amount of prior experience they may have.

What Makes our Training Site the finest in the Country?

The Joseph J. Goetz training site in Coloma consists of nearly 400 acres of rolling Kettle Moraine hills and services every member from the beginning apprentice to the accomplished journey worker looking to either diversify themselves in our trade, or to hone the skills they have already acquired in the field. In-seat training is conducted with current, late model equipment acquired through the equipment loan program. Certifications are also available through our training programs.

What makes our training site one of the finest in the country? A great staff, participation of concerned contractors & equipment dealers, and the ideal location of the site itself are a few of our strengths, but the strongest ingredient is the strong support of our membership. Active members of Local 139 allocate money from their negotiated pay-raise to fund this program & assure state of the art training is available for apprenticeship & journeyman training. The dividends on their investment? A well trained, safe and proficient workforce that strive towards better working conditions with great economic packages!

The Local 139 Health Fund Advantage
Healthy Workers are Productive Workers

Health Benefit Fund Info


  • Simplifies dealing with the Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • All claim disputes are directed to the fund office.
  • Your recurring insurance contract negotiations are eliminated.
  • Administrative time and expense is minimized.
  • Medical, dental, vision, disability and death benefits

Central Pension Fund

  • Eliminates employer fiduciary responsibility.
  • Minimizes employer administrative burden, costs, and fees associated with third-party outsourcing of fund investments, management and employee education.
  • Contributions are fixed for the duration of your contract.